Organized... to the Max

From Bookcase to Database

Do your household items and/or personal effects need to be formally inventoried?

We can help.


Photo Documentation

We photograph every item that we put into storage for you. 

Conveniently, this service doubles as insurance documentation for your valued stored items.

 Inventory Database

Your inventory will be fully cataloged on a MS Excel spreadsheet. 

We also offer a database app service that can be used on a PC, tablet, or smartphone.  Either way, your belongings remain at your fingertips.

Online Photo Gallery

We use a cloud-based, multi-platform database app to manage client inventory. 

This program allows client-authorized users (from heirs, to appraisers) to view the household/estate items online from the comfort of their home or office.

Inventory Tagging

Each item is photographed with a unique inventory number and a client ID tag. 

This service is an integral part of our spreadsheet "check-and-balance."

Master Box Labeling

The tagged items within each box are respectively marked on the "Contents" label.  

The "Master Box" labeling system helps pinpoint the specific location of each item, making the retrieval process more efficient.

On & Off-Site Storage Management

We coordinate both on and off-site storage services.  

If you need assistance with storage organization, we will source and install the necessary shelf units.

Handled... with care

From Bric-a-Brac to Bijou

"The worth of a thing is what it will bring."                ~English Proverb

Whether your household items and/or personal effects hold significant monetary or sentimental value, we will handle them with expert care.

From fine jewelry, to antique sculpture, we will mindfully select the best materials for the safe packing of your belongings.  If needed, we can also outsource custom-fabricated crates for those extra-special items.



STUFF.  It Happens. 

Beyond a certain point, accumulation of anything (from junk to jewelry) is a harbinger of clutter.

  • the boxes in the attic
  • the tchotchkes on the shelves
  • the catch-all bins in the basement
  • [name your clutter-devil here]

As time passes, things sit idly by in the shadows and grow.

Maybe you want to keep these items, maybe you don't.  Or, maybe, it's time to figure out -once and for all- what is actually in those decades-old boxes.

Yet, despite your ambitious intentions, chances are, the mere thought of carrying-out this seeming insurmountable task leaves you feeling overwhelmed.  

Not to worry, this is very typical.  We can help.

With our customized service, we will efficiently tame your unruly piles of "stuff" into submission.  (Or, we can just make them go-away.)

And, please, don't worry about "the mess;" it won't scare us...we've seen it all before.  

You can rest-assured, knowing that our expert de-cluttering services are 100% judgment-free.

Easing the Burden

For your heirs and loved ones.

For many, estate-planning "on paper," is more easily achieved compared to the task of disbursing tangible items to heirs and/or loved ones.

We can help alleviate the physical and emotional burdens that are typically associated with this process by systematically navigating the often-dreaded chore of sorting through a lifetime's-worth of treasures.

The truth is, to some degree or other, a person's belongings often serve as a physical "scrapbook." When something holds personal meaning, emotions can sometimes complicate the process leaving one feeling completely overwhelmed...particularly, when one (or their loved ones) is reviewing belongings, en masse. 

This is where we step in.  We will assist you...with patience, compassion, integrity and efficiency.


Not Your Average Relocation Services

Project Management.  Coordination.  Special Handling.

You're moving out.  Or, maybe, you're moving in. 

Whether you're coming or going, chances are you have certain items that require mindful handling (and/or careful packing) before "the movers" arrive.

Perhaps, at present, you reside at a different property but you require the assistance of a hands-on project manager who will competently oversee contract services at your Rhode Island / New England-area estate?

Or, similarly, you are a seasonal resident who needs a helping hand with swapping items from storage.

No problem.  We will happily lighten your load.



Decor Styling & Staging Services

Because, visual first-impressions matter.

Is your estate about to enter the real estate market?  

Sometimes, we can't see the proverbial forest from the trees.  The same is true for your home's interior, no matter how well-appointed it may be. 

Let us help you de-personalize your home decor (a recommendation made by most real estate professionals), and/or re-arrange your existing decor to achieve the best possible "flow" and presentation. 

Likewise, if your property is vacant, we can also coordinate outsourced furniture/decor rentals.

Upon request, we will prepare your home so that the real estate listing photos and/or virtual tour video make eye-catching statements to prospective buyers.


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